vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Holy rollers roll,

Just some pictures of three beautiful beautiful girls, and of three great friends. These photos remind me of a great time: I lived with my best friend and another very good friend came over from france. Needless to say these days were not boring. I remember one morning, they surprised me with an enormous breakfast, It was also kind of stupid because we had Apple pie and Ribs ( I <3 ribs )Anyway, I hope I was able to capture the whole "mood" . 

And Voila! Also, the title of the article is from a song from the Clash (My favorite band!!) called "sound of sinners", it's not my favorite song at all, but I love the lyrics.. just thought I'd mention it, 

N. La Maudite

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lula a dit…

LOLZ genre ca me manque pas! Et ct un peu drole le truc des ribs et de la tarte haha. Notre chambre etait tellement cool quand Aude est venue n'empeche. Those will be the best memories!