mercredi 22 décembre 2010

" Departure in affection, and shining sounds"

Two points for you if you know where the title comes from without google searching it.
Christmas is coming and I'm excited! Are you? My gifts to you:

My latest Girl Crush, Geogia May Jagger, dangerously beautiful and freakishly cool. Then again, being Mick Jagger's daughter makes it impossible for her to be boring.

the quote is from Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, I tried to recreate the scene ( although the movie is not in a blue filter ), the woman is Jean Seberg and she's interviewing Parvulesco, a french novelist. The quote fits very nicely with the the fleeting dynamic of the film. The picture aside is from a film called Sunrise, a song of two humans (1927) by F.W Murnau, again one of my favorite directors. Francois Truffaut said it was the most beautiful film ever made. The film is very modern for its time and uses a lot of visual tricks. I love that shot, you'd have to see the movie to understand but it's quite symbolic.

Finally, This is a video that me and my BFF ( aww <3 ) made,

it's a parody of the music video by Kanye West and uhm.. the other girl " American Boy" . We made it ourselves and We had lots of fun doing it. The neighbors weren't too happy I think about the song being repeated 56 times.. but it was all worth it!!
Enjoy !!
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dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Santa Claus ain't got nothing on me

So in the previous post I sort of lied when I said I didn't buy anything. I bought two nail polishes ( wouhouh!). In a failed attempt to copy my friend lula ( getting tired of the repeated promotion yet?), I wanted to paint my nails in a light gray but it ended up looking like a pigeon died. I also wanted to buy a mint green nail polish but it actually was turquoise so I think I have color blindness. Anyway thumbs up for hand modeling, I think Tyra Banks would be impressed of how fierce my poses look right now. Especially the last one, I'm a real G 

So, I also figured out what I want to give as a gift for christmas to my parents. My mother- I just found a bunch of pictures on my computer of me and my brothers and sisters my mother has not seen in a while; and you know how parents always complain that it's a shame that we don't process photos anymore ( and I agree ), and since she's always busy and not very arts and craft I going to make her a huge photo album.
Green Peace. Anyway, I know she'll like it but I'm not very sure I'm going to like it since Most of the pictures that were taken were when I had braces and a unibrow. you sexy thang,

And for my fatherr, I'm so proud of that Idea. I'm going to make him a rum yes yes a marinated rum. Isn't the idea cool? Let your inner Jack Sparrow take over! It's cheap, you don't need a lot of things and it's easy to do and pretty to give. All you need is love, and a bit of

You can do it with Lime, Cinnamon, Ginger, Hibiscus and whatever else. I'm doing a pineapple and vanila one. ALl you have to do is put all the ingredients together and let it rest for at least a month..

Anyway, I keep feeling like spiders are biting me. I should definitely stop crack. kidding, totally kidding but seriously I'm going to check my bed!


Let's pretend Santa Claus exists

Today, I went shopping, hoping to find cheap gifts for my family. Spoiler: I didn't buy anything. It was an absolute torture though to see all these pretty things I could not buy wether it was clothes,books, jewelry even fine oils and flavored chutneys. My debit card did not feel like going out today and since I understand my whole family is going through the same issue I decided to believe in Santa Clause this christmas. Who knows?
So.. Dear SANTA.
First of all let me say, Yes I've been a very good girl-at least I've been trying my best.
Now let's get down to business shall we? I WANT:


Delicious Doc Martens and a beautiful camera.. mmh soregasm

A nice bunch of my favorite films. The Godfather, because it's a visual masterpiece. Trainspotting because it's smart and witty. This is England because it's everything I love in a film and the soundtrack album is just PURE GOODNESS (Toots and Maytals, The Specials, UK.subs, Percy Sledge <3). The Kubrick collection because he's one of my favorite directors, The Woodstock Live Concert ( do I really need to justify?..) and finally Dark City because If I were a movie it would be this one. Not because it's my favorite but because it fits my style perfectly. I just noticed I really have a hard time handling punctuation. annnnd let us not forget; 3......
I adore Big Books with lots of pretty pictures! Since I'm a huge fan of the clash, it's only normal I should have this book.. Finally Francesca Woodman is by far one of my favorite photographer. The picture on the left is an photograph she took of herself when she was only 14. I find her photographs so interesting, strange but very beautiful.

So that's it. It was nice to pretend for a bit. Hope you guys get all the christmas presents you want but what's more important is that you have fun spending the holidays with relatives you don't know and gaining 9 pounds in just two weeks( maybe that's just me..)