mercredi 22 décembre 2010

" Departure in affection, and shining sounds"

Two points for you if you know where the title comes from without google searching it.
Christmas is coming and I'm excited! Are you? My gifts to you:

My latest Girl Crush, Geogia May Jagger, dangerously beautiful and freakishly cool. Then again, being Mick Jagger's daughter makes it impossible for her to be boring.

the quote is from Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, I tried to recreate the scene ( although the movie is not in a blue filter ), the woman is Jean Seberg and she's interviewing Parvulesco, a french novelist. The quote fits very nicely with the the fleeting dynamic of the film. The picture aside is from a film called Sunrise, a song of two humans (1927) by F.W Murnau, again one of my favorite directors. Francois Truffaut said it was the most beautiful film ever made. The film is very modern for its time and uses a lot of visual tricks. I love that shot, you'd have to see the movie to understand but it's quite symbolic.

Finally, This is a video that me and my BFF ( aww <3 ) made,

it's a parody of the music video by Kanye West and uhm.. the other girl " American Boy" . We made it ourselves and We had lots of fun doing it. The neighbors weren't too happy I think about the song being repeated 56 times.. but it was all worth it!!
Enjoy !!
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29 commentaires:

Suciô Sanchez a dit…

Nice grill ({(-:

Bart a dit…

i'ma going to say that quote is from Pearl Harbour, probly way off eh :)

VicissitudiniLombarde a dit…

Really cool blog ;)


Lula a dit…

^$@#^%$@^$% oh my godah ok desolée j'ai oublié de comment sur cette vie hier mais tes articles deviennent de plus en plus cools. Par contre je connais que A Bout de Souffle (mm si je m'en souviens plus ) jcrois que jvais juste aller regarder The Holiday ou keke chose. Killingggah. Enfin non mais bon. Bref chut le Limoncello je l'ai fait presque toute seule. Presque. Ct trop retarde, ma mere etait comme K on doit acheter une bouteille qui puisse contenir plus que 750 ml (packe la bouteille de vodka faisait au total 750 ml ) et jetais comme euhh pourquoi? (lol) et ma mere etait comme "bennn tu penses pas que le niveau de liquide va augmenter avc les citrons?" ..... i guess. Bref I need that supervision.
By the way, les photos sont absolument cools litteralement, tes collages sont comme @^%$#@%2$%. Je confond toujours G. May Jagger avec Bianca Jagger. Hmm. OMD dailleurs je DOIS regarder Absolute Beginners sinon jme suicide. Ca fait deux siecles que je dis ca. Okay well, j'ai plus rien a dire a part que j'ai eu 1753 fous rire en regardant notre video, omd elle est juste geniale. Tas vu que yavait 10 personnes qui l'ont LIKE?!? hihi we're such celebritieshhh. (Celebritish. get it?) Et la partie ou tu fais le Stevie Wonder move. omd. juste jpeux pas. haha ou dans les outakes que tes juste contre le mur en train d'attendre que le monde se manifeste. Ou quand tu me mets une gifle. That was fun too i guess. OU encore quand tu mappuies sur la tete avc ta main asiatique, comme "GET DOWN MOSES".
Laughing out loud right now.
Ok jy vais. Jcrois que c le commentaire le plus long que blogspot a jamais vu byrhheway.

Lula a dit…

OMD ok je l'ai RE RE RE RE regarder et je meurs à chaque fois haha je sais pas pourquoi je fais ce move avc mes épaules, seashell le fait trop mieux c quoi cette merde laaa. D'ailleurs ya du random bra adjustment dans cette video. l-o-l i-d-k-k-k.

VicissitudiniLombarde a dit…

Yes, i take all the photos in my blog ^_^ Thanks for the comment N. i'm following you :)


MARiZA Munich, Germany a dit…

hey lovely,

i love miss jagger...this photo looks so cool....& i like your photos :))

I wish you a peaceful, beautiful Christmas


Kristen a dit…

love georgia! fun video too! hope you have a wonderful holiday : )

ps- i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

Tsipise a dit…

Your clip is at least worth the talent of Kanye West.

Hello Again Vintage a dit…

Awesome blog. I love Georgia's style!

- Grace

Bart a dit…

lmao did u like it, i thought it was aite :P

Jazzy E (hivennn) a dit…

Lovely. Happy belated Christmas! x hivennn.

Eleni a dit…

Ooh, Sunrise looks like my cup of tea :)

Thanks for reading and for your lovely comments! Keep on making Christmas cards, they make people smile!

Tsipise a dit…

Happy New year!!

Yvette a dit…

georgia is cool!


Whoop it up! a dit…

super Blog (:

modern viking vixen a dit…

great blog! i'm your latest follower. follow me? only if you like it of course lol


Jazzy E (hivennn) a dit…

so lovely. x hivennn

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