samedi 18 décembre 2010

If I sleep what will I dream of this time?

Alright alright,
So as I said earlier I'm a student in film and I hope to be one day, a director or a script writer. I directed a film in High School, it was sort of experimental and everyone thought it was weird except my mother probably. I think the main problem was that it did not support a narrative at all, there was no story, it was just visual. Nonetheless, I'm proud of it and again I had a lot of fun doing it, my friends were really into it except for the makeup removal part which was nearly impossible. It was inspired by Sartre's "Hell is other people" and the Metamorphoses by Ovid ( only some excerpts though ) I'll try to upload it eventually! Here's a shot..

I also wrote a short story that you may read here ( my friend's blog ). It's very gothic i think. I had to write it for school but the big idea is to re-adapt it into a short film one day, soon.. The story's title is The Second Death, if it were a film I guess its poster would look like this:

the main character would of course be the statuesque Marcello Mastroianni ( I wrote the whole story with him in mind) :

The death scene would be inspired by this painting (Sir John Everett Millais in 1852, Ophelia)

and then I would be rich and live there:

and be married to Matt Dillon or Joaquin Phoenix. ahh .. In the Meantime I have to take my little brother to karate class so I'll leave you with a very short excerpt from my short story!

As I walk through the ceaseless brume I remember words in the bible like “judgment”, “lake of fire” and “damned”. I recall running, standing, crying over rotten regrets. I recall paradise, hell, paintings and drawings. I meander aimlessly like a twisted vagabond until I finally stumble upon a corpse. The corpse rests on dense grass. Its skin is lush and almost lavender colored. It’s my lover. I can finally see her angelic face and her abysmal eyes stare right to me. Last time I saw her she was sitting on this rock but it appears that the rock now sits on her.

That's Heidi Montag trying to audition for the role.. pff .
I can't make too much fun of her though because I use to watch The Hills but only because it was so awfully stupid, ( isn't that what everyone says?)


vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Holy rollers roll,

Just some pictures of three beautiful beautiful girls, and of three great friends. These photos remind me of a great time: I lived with my best friend and another very good friend came over from france. Needless to say these days were not boring. I remember one morning, they surprised me with an enormous breakfast, It was also kind of stupid because we had Apple pie and Ribs ( I <3 ribs )Anyway, I hope I was able to capture the whole "mood" . 

And Voila! Also, the title of the article is from a song from the Clash (My favorite band!!) called "sound of sinners", it's not my favorite song at all, but I love the lyrics.. just thought I'd mention it, 

N. La Maudite


Hello Hello,

I've been dreading this moment, first post, what to say? what pictures? !*#(# I'll start by thanking you for passing by! ..mmh now what?
I'm a student in Film Studies and originally I wanted to make a blog about cinema, commenting on films I've seen etc.. but I'm not really going to do that. First, because I don't feel confident enough to do so and my posts would look like this : " This film explores important themes such as religion and death and hey what do you guys think will happen in the next Gossip Girl episode? " so yeah no. Not to mention the fact that when I thought of starting a blog I wasn't all that serious about it, but my best friend nearly bullied me to do it, making my template, my header .. and she's a serious and successful blogger so make sure you go check her out HERE . Anyways, anything to make mama proud so here I am.

I'll be posting things I like, things I do and the rest, we shall see! BY THE WAY, if you need movie recommendations, feel free to comment and tell me what sort of film you like or what film you're in the mood for and I'll comment back on your blog with my best suggestion cause I'm cool like that, and I'm not going to recommend you a classic or silent film otherwise known as "boring" if that's not what you're looking for. Really, I've seen lots and lots of films from A Man escaped to Easy A.. ( can't believe Malcom McDowell plays in this film.. rhh ) ! Likewise, if you have suggestions for me ( not only in films, photography, art, music.. 5ft8 male models.. kidding ) please share!

I recently started watching Dexter but I can't decide wether I like it or not. Oh and I really want to see Black Swan! If you've seen it and decide to comment PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THE END or I'll flag your comment and say it was racist,

Until next time,
Goodbye Blue Sky
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