dimanche 19 décembre 2010

Santa Claus ain't got nothing on me

So in the previous post I sort of lied when I said I didn't buy anything. I bought two nail polishes ( wouhouh!). In a failed attempt to copy my friend lula ( getting tired of the repeated promotion yet?), I wanted to paint my nails in a light gray but it ended up looking like a pigeon died. I also wanted to buy a mint green nail polish but it actually was turquoise so I think I have color blindness. Anyway thumbs up for hand modeling, I think Tyra Banks would be impressed of how fierce my poses look right now. Especially the last one, I'm a real G 

So, I also figured out what I want to give as a gift for christmas to my parents. My mother- I just found a bunch of pictures on my computer of me and my brothers and sisters my mother has not seen in a while; and you know how parents always complain that it's a shame that we don't process photos anymore ( and I agree ), and since she's always busy and not very arts and craft I going to make her a huge photo album.
Green Peace. Anyway, I know she'll like it but I'm not very sure I'm going to like it since Most of the pictures that were taken were when I had braces and a unibrow. you sexy thang,

And for my fatherr, I'm so proud of that Idea. I'm going to make him a rum yes yes a marinated rum. Isn't the idea cool? Let your inner Jack Sparrow take over! It's cheap, you don't need a lot of things and it's easy to do and pretty to give. All you need is love, and a bit of

You can do it with Lime, Cinnamon, Ginger, Hibiscus and whatever else. I'm doing a pineapple and vanila one. ALl you have to do is put all the ingredients together and let it rest for at least a month..

Anyway, I keep feeling like spiders are biting me. I should definitely stop crack. kidding, totally kidding but seriously I'm going to check my bed!


5 commentaires:

lula a dit…

JADORE ton vernis!! You look so cool Bff. Et l'idee du Rum est CHENIALE!! Jvais faire ca pour mon pere aussi. Let's get crunk up in herrr!

Suciô Sanchez a dit…

Home-made rum is a great idea! I might have a go.

MARiZA Munich, Germany a dit…

Hello Lovely,

thanks for following me & for your comment... i´m glad :)

wow I like your blog. He's great! I love the lyrics and pictures ... really! You are pretty;)

I follow you, too



Madeleine a dit…

you can do macarons yourself :) I'll try to do it soon :)

Tsipise a dit…

Nice! Keep it going! J' aim bien ton blog.